To date FATE has a database of over 1,100 volunteers representing different industries and knowledge areas.

For more details about volunteering with FATE please email volunteer@fatefoundation.com or call +234 701 130 5444.

FATE Volunteers are professional men and women who are experienced entrepreneurs and/or professional executives, with a passion for service to work and support the Foundation in various ways without the expectation of pay or other tangible gain.
Key Volunteering opportunities available at FATE include the following:
* Teaching and Facilitating at FATE’s Entrepreneurial Training & Development Programs
* Mentoring
* Business Consultancy Services
* Other technical support areas to help design and deliver any FATE enterprise development initiative
* FATE Volunteer Opportunities

FATE Facilitators

FATE Foundation through the FATE School of Entrepreneurship offers a practical and detailed curriculum covering a wide range of business knowledge and enterprise development topics for the FATE training programmes particularly the Aspiring Entrepreneurs Programme (AEP), the Emerging Entrepreneurs Programme (EEP), the Special Entrepreneurial Programme (SEP) and other various courses and workshops. Since its inception in 2000, FATE has successfully run these programmes through the dedication of our volunteer Facilitators.

FATE Mentors

The main purpose of the FATE mentoring programme is to enhance the mentee’s personal and professional development by exposing them to ‘more experienced’ entrepreneurs and professionals who can set them on the right track and give them essential life lessons such as personal development, negotiation and networking skills, communication skills and business plan development.

FATE Consultants

FATE relies on volunteer consultants to assist with the AEP and EEP participant recruitment process and also to support our Business and Alumni Support Services in providing a range of post graduation business support and ancillary services available to select FATE alumni to enable them attain entrepreneurial stability and maturity. FATE Consultants also assist with the review of business plans and the provision of free and subsidized consultancy services for FATE graduates. These services equip FATE alumni with skills, tools and networks.

Requirements for Volunteering at FATE Foundation

Professional Background

*Have a minimum of 5 years of enterprise development experience (AEP and SEP)
*Have a minimum of 10 years of enterprise development experience (EEP)


* Must employed by a reputable company with at least 5 years management experience (AEP/SEP)
* Must be in a C-Level position of a reputable Company (EEP)

Academic Background
* Have a minimum of a Tertiary Certificate e.g. B.Sc from an accredited Institution.
* Believe in the FATE values (Relationship, Integrity, Service and Excellence).
* Be willing to undergo a FATE train-the-trainer workshop at FATE.
* Be available for at least two (2) sessions (or 6 hours) per year.
* Provide a professional referral
* Be willing to facilitate pro-bono (at no cost)

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