Research And Policy

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Research and Policy

Drawing from our wealth of experience spanning over 16 years in the Nigerian entrepreneurial space, we have observed that there is a gap as regards to data, research analysis and policy review regarding the Nigerian SME space. Our current work to fill this gap utilizes the following three pronged approach:

1. Research
2. Policy Dialogue
3. Policy Advocacy

The main objectives of FATE’s Research & Policy unit are to:
• Be a resource base for research and information on the Nigerian Micro, Small and Medium Enterprise Space (MSME) space
• Serve as a platform for driving policy conversations on entrepreneurship and enterprise creation within Nigeria
• Develop innovative, research-based enterprise development initiatives that will lead to widely accepted and implementable programs/initiatives.

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The FATE Policy Dialogue Series on Entrepreneurship

FATE’s Annual Policy Dialogue Series is geared towards initiating discussions around factors and policies that impact on the SME sector in Nigeria. The Dialogue Series would bring together high-level experts within and outside Nigeria to discuss policies and factors.

The Policy Dialogue series would draw from FATE’s Research Report which is a report developed on the theme of the Policy Dialogue series and which provides a background context for the discussions of the day and serves as reference material.

Click the links below for information on our previous Policy Dialogue Series on Entrepreneurship
1st Policy Dialogue on Entrepreneurship: “Positioning SMEs for Growth”. December 1, 2015
2nd Policy Dialogue on Entrepreneurship: “Ensuring Public and Private Sector Collaboration to Drive Entrepreneurship Growth”. September 29, 2016

Research Reports

Please click the links below to view and download our Research Publications

1. Fact Sheet on the Nigerian MSME Policy Environment
2. Mapping of the Nigerian Entrepreneurship Ecosystem

Policy Advocacy

FATE Foundation is currently working on a coalition with the National Association of Small and Medium Enterprises (NASME) and the DFiD ENABLE programme to drive for changes in the tax structures for Nigerian MSMEs. This advocacy effort is as a result of the outcome of our 1st Policy Dialogue Series on Entrepreneurship.

For more information on FATE Foundation’s policy advocacy activities, please click this link.