FATE Mentoring

Ultimately, FATE is committed to seeing our trained entrepreneurs become world class businesses. The main focus of our Business and Alumni Support Services is to hand-hold our entrepreneurs and help them transition from knowledge to execution.

The following are the key programmes delivered through our BASS unit:
Incubation & Placements
Continuing Education
Funding Linkages

For more details about our Business and Alumni Support Services, please email bass@fatefoundation.com or call +234 812 246 1806.
The focus of our mentoring programme is to provide a supportive relationship between an accomplished/experienced individual and a FATE Alumni to facilitate the their growth and development. The mentoring programme is ONLY available to Alumni of the FATE School of Entrepreneurship.

The FATE Mentoring curriculum addresses three (3) key areas of participant’s growth and development including personal development and goal setting; strategic planning; work/life balance; leadership & management skills; networking tips; access to markets etc.

Benefits to the Mentor

Personal relationship with a future business leader
Personal gratification
Opportunity to reflect and codify life’s experiences
Links/networks to the younger generation and other aspiring/emerging entrepreneurs

Benefits to the Mentee

First hand interactions with a successful entrepreneur
Personal relationship with an experienced entrepreneur
Opportunity to develop new insights and knowledge
Links/networks within a particular industry

To apply to become a FATE Mentor, please click the FATE Volunteer Application form below. For more information about the FATE mentoring programme, please email mentoring@fatefoundation.com

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