Code of Conduct for the FATE Foundation Mentoring Programme

The objective of our mentoring programme is to facilitate the transition of our AEP, EEP and SEP participants from entrepreneurship training to enterprise development i.e. handhold our entrepreneurs as they apply what they have learnt into building and scaling up their businesses.

We believe that mentoring is a supportive, one on one relationship between an experienced entrepreneur/professional to facilitate the mentee’s growth and development.
Benefits to the Mentor
* Personal relationship with a future business leader
* Opportunity to give back one’s time and knowledge towards helping others on their entrepreneurial journey
* Personal gratification
* Opportunity to reflect and codify life’s experiences
* Links/networks to the younger generation and other aspiring/emerging entrepreneurs
Benefits to the Mentee
* First hand interactions with a successful entrepreneur, his/her employees and other stakeholders
* Opportunity to develop new insights and knowledge
* Links/networks within a particular industry
Expectations for the Mentor
In order to serve as an effective mentor, the following qualities need to be considered:
  • High Sense of Moral Integrity: A high sense of moral integrity is necessary for establishing and maintaining trust and open lines of communication between you and your mentee.  The mentee must have faith that their mentor will not engage in unscrupulous behavior that could jeopardize their well-being or success.
  • Excellent Listening Skills: Active listening involves focusing on the person who is speaking, without distractions.  It means giving the person your undivided attention and avoiding interruptions.  Being conscious of body language and non-verbal communication is important as well in order to be attuned to what your mentee is saying.
  • A Positive Attitude: The ability to provide encouragement, support, and a positive attitude contributes greatly to building trust in the relationship.  A positive attitude conveys your belief in your mentee and their ability to manifest their dreams.
  • Sensitivity to the Needs of Your Mentee: Active listening ensures that you are attuned to the needs of your mentee.  Being open to the individual’s needs and concerns is a vital component for their personal growth and development.
  • Respect for and Acceptance of the Person: Having a deep respect and acceptance for your mentee regardless of his/her gender, ethnic background, or religion is essential for trust, meaningful dialogue, and sharing.
  • Commitment: Commitment to spending time with your mentee in order to fulfill the objectives of this mentoring programme is important for developing a strong relationship and ensuring your mentee’s personal, educational, and entrepreneurial development. It is also critical that you correspond with the coordinator of the FATE Mentoring Programme on a regular basis and that you complete all required forms.
  • Willingness to be Available to your Mentee between Meetings: Being open to telephone calls, e-mails, or written communication from your mentee when he/she needs assistance helps to foster the development of a strong and meaningful relationship.
  • Trust FATE foundation believes that successful relationships are built upon trust:  During the course of your relationship with your mentee, your mentee might choose to disclose to you his business plan or key elements of his business strategy. We expect that by choosing to begin a mentorship relationship, you will not disclose this information to others without the stated consent of your mentee and use for your own personal gains.
  • The mentor’s role is to guide the mentee on strategies to achieve their mentoring objectives
  • The mentors and mentees should be respectful of time and meeting commitments that have been agreed ahead of time.
  • The mentor should commit to a meeting time of at least one hour each month for a six month period
  • The mentor is expected to provide solicited guidance and advice to the mentee.
  • Listen to and remember the questions and comments your mentee may make
  • Introduce your mentee to your place of work
  • Monitor and track the progress of your mentee over the 6-month period
  • The mentee is expected to complete the mentoring process tracking sheet after every meeting to keep FATE Foundation updated on the progress of the mentoring relationship.
  • The mentor and mentee are expected to complete the post mentoring relationship feedback form at the end of the 6-month period.
  • The mentoring relationship must not be exploitative in any way and both parties must show mutual respect at all times and must be considerate of each other’s religion, culture and beliefs.
  • The mentee is not obligated to follow the mentor’s guidance; however, the mentee does have a responsibility to consider and evaluate carefully the guidance given.